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Sidharth Bendi is a seasoned live performer having done over 1000 performances in Hyderabad across notable venues such as Fat Pigeon, The Moonshine Project, Tabula Rasa, Zero 40 Jubilee Hills & Financial Dist., ITC Kohenur, Park Hyatt, AVASA Hotel, Olive Bistro, Air Live, Soda Bottle Opener Wala, and many more.

Covering lots of commercial pop, post-2000s English & Bollywood hits, Bendi is known for his interactive high energetic performances, loved by very diverse audiences over the years. He has also been a regular performer for private events and festival stages like Zomaland 2020 & Under 25 Summit.

Frequently joined by Kevin Joeseph & Chris Anderson, he also performs with 2 piece & 3 piece bands.


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