Young and talented, indie musician Sidharth Bendi is on the path to becoming a household name in India. Having released 2 EPs before the age of 20, been featured at multiple speaking events including TEDx and Josh Talks, and performed at over 600 shows in the span of 3 years. Bendi doesn’t hesitate to engage large crowds with his unique loop station sets, vocal skills, and heartwarming originals. Over the years, he has performed all across India, from acoustic sets in the North East to festival stages in the south. Some notable venues he's performed at include The Pianoman Jazz Cafe (Delhi), FANDOM (Bangalore), Season 6 of Music Mojo, The Finch (Mumbai) and many more. 

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, Bendi chose to use this time to learn new skills, like vlogging, video making, and music production, and sharpen old skills by producing new music, running a successful crowd-funding campaign for his latest single, ‘Newness’. 



Watch 'Stories of Newness'
(Short Documentary)

We brought together 6 stories of 'Newness' to showcase the universal feeling & the bittersweet nature of it.

Million thanks to everybody who made this happen. It was so far-fetched when I first envisioned it in 2018. Glad to finally share it with the world! #Newness🦋

Original Music & Tour